Diverse fuel hoses provided for fuels and biofuels

With the development of economy, the requirement of fuel has been continuously increasing. Engineered to convey fuel oils, all kinds of fuel hoses are manufactured by large or small enterprises to meet with the huge hose market. As a member of hose manufactures, Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. has been engaged to provide fuel hoses with high quality and low cost. Our main products include biodiesel delivery hose, fuel oil delivery hose, diesel delivery hose, fuel transfer hose, petrol delivery hose, petroleum tank truck hose and fuel injection hose. As a result of high quality and the most competitive price, our fuel hoses are becoming popular both at home and abroad.

As each fuel  has its special component, no hose is compatible with all fuels. Broadly speaking, high oil-resistant NBR is an ideal material of the tube for the transfer and delivery of conventional fuels like diesel and gasoline and new biofuels like biodiesel and ethanol blends, for its good compatibility with most oils and petroleum-based products. However, NBR is not so compatible with aromatic hydrocarbons. When used to carry aromatic hydrocarbons, NBR tube has a strict requirement of its concentration. The body of the hose is designed as a supporting structure of the hose. Our fuel hoses usually uses yarn, fabric, wire, polytene or any two of these. This construction provides protection from kicking, crushing or cutting. Cover is the only part exposed to the environment and protect the hose from damaging from the outer environment. Synthetic rubber is usually used, for it has high oil resistance, abrasion, heat, ozone, sun degradation, cut or other destructive damages.

New! A fuel injection hose lined by fluoroelastomer is strongly recommended, for fluoroelastomer has its exceptional features of super low permeation and excellent resistance against high temperature, aging and chemical corrosion. This fuel injection hose not only decrease the loss of fuel, but also minimize the damage to the environment.

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