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Diesel delivery hose for low pressure

Diesel delivery hose - A

Diesel delivery hose at a low temperature transfer location

Anti-static and high oil-resistant tube is well suited for the transfer and delivery of diesel and other fuel oils in a low pressure transfer location. Cover has a high resistance against abrasion, sunlight degradation, weathers and other petroleum products.

Recommended for the usage in gravity feed systems.

I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) length (m) working pressure (psi) Tube material
25 34 3 low pressure NBR, black
25 34 4
25 34 5
25 34 6

Diesel Delivery Hose - B

Diesel Delivery Hose for pump dispensers

NBR rubber diesel hose is quite compatible with diesel and other fuel oils for its good performances, including high oil-resistance, heat and abrasion resistance. Synthetic textile yarns covers the reinforcement to withstand destructive actions including cutting, crushing or kicking. Cover is designed a protective layer against ozone, sun degradation, abrasion, weathers and other petroleum products.

Ideal working temperature for this diesel delivery hose ranges from -25°C to +80°C.

Recommended for application to pump dispensers.

I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) length (m) working pressure (psi) Tube Cover
19 27 4 145 psi NBR, black, smooth NBR/EPDM
19 27 6
25 35 4
25 35 6

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