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Versatile NBR fuel transfer hose

200 psi fuel transfer hose of non-conductivityFuel transfer hose is engineered to convey leaded, unleaded, diesel or low-pressure brake fluid for farm and barrel pump applications as well as construction and industrial applications.

Exposed to the fuel oil, the material of the tub should have anti-static properties. NBR is an ideal material for transferring fuel oil for its good performance of non-conductive ability and high oil resistance. Its coefficient of non-conductivity is 1,800 megaOhm at 1,000 volts. This reduces the possibilities of static electricity forming and igniting the fuel, which would create an explosion. And NBR (RMA Class A) has an excellent resistance against oil, including gasoline, diesel, aromatics up to 55%, etc,

Reinforcement is lined with spiral polyester cords. Polyester has good mechanical and electrical insulation properties, wear, creep resistance and low water absorption. And the spiral construction has high resistance against kicking.

Cover, the outermost layer, is made of black SBR/Nitrile blend. This compound has good performances of heat, abrasion, ozone, light resistance as well as excellent oil resistance.

Ideal temperature for this fuel hose is -40℉ to 190℉ (-40℃ to 87.78℃) and working pressure is 200 psi.

3/4" 1-1/16" 200' 200 6" 47
1" 1-13/32" 200' 200 8" 53

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