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How to select the right fuel hose

Selecting the right fuel hose is vital, for the substance flowing inside the tube should keep its original character without chemical reaction. There is a ' 7 letters' principle - S. T. A. M. P. E. D. which can assist you in selecting the right hose for particular applications.

S standards for SIZE :inside diameter (I.D.), outside diameter (O.D.), and length.

T standards for TEMPERATURE of the materials carried and environmental.

A stands for the APPLICATION, the conditions of use

M stands for the MATERIAL being conveyed, type and concentration

P stands for the PRESSURE to which the assembly will be exposed

E stands for ENDS; style, type, orientation, attachment methods, etc.

D stands for DELIVERY; testing, quality, packaging, and delivery requirements

Fuel hoses are not made the same. Fuel oil has a large family, including traditional fuel like diesel, gasoline, and new biofuels like biodiesel, ethanol blends. A certain hose perhaps is not compatible with this oil or another. So before you choose a fuel hose for your particular application, you can consider the following factors.

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